Though I may not post as often as I would like, this blog is still a grand priority to me. It’s more of a “chill” version of a journal, but it often covers heavier topics than just the typical teenager’s diary. Ranging in topics from politics to food to elaborations on my personality, I hope to utilize this blog to talk about things that matter to me and their larger implications on life. This is a personal project I’ve chosen to satisfy my creative cravings and further develop my voice as a writer.

About me 🙂

I’m a 16 year old Filipino-American girl in Texas with an appreciation for the environment and a deep fascination with calculus and its intricate connections with all sciences. I pride myself on keeping up with current events and have a strong liberal background that may come through in my writing. In my freetime, I enjoy reading (mainly fiction novels), playing instruments (guitar, uke, piano, and the great kazoo as seen above), and making new playlists on spotify. I am an avid food connoisseur with a specialty in the versatility of potatoes, yet I do enjoy a good gym day considering my devotion to track & field. I have been self-diagnosed with a severe special affinity for the household canine, but I love all animals.

With all my quirks aside, I aspire to leave an impact on this world, one way or another. Whether it be curing cancer, creating renewable energy solutions, contributing aid to the less fortunate, or even just raising a child; creating a lasting legacy is my biggest goal in life.