should dreams become jobs???

With a seemingly incurable case of writer’s block and silence from potential employers, my summer has not been as productive as I would’ve liked it to be. However I’ve been hitting the gym, crossing books off my reading list, travelling to visit family, and studying random topics to my heart’s content. Lately, though, I have been putting off a serious responsibility (and I’m not talking about my summer reading… though I haven’t done that either). No. This responsibility requires far more brain power but much less scholarly effort. This terrible task is deemed the birthday speech.

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the problem with education

Some people loathe school, and sometimes I do too. At the end of every lesson, I am left thinking: “What’s the point? Why are we coloring? Why are we learning such trivial facts? How does this actually connect to the real world?”

We force high energy children to sit and endure a lengthy school day with only 30-minute recess breaks. We load homework onto high school students that also have to keep up with extra-curriculars and personal responsibilities. Even our “creative” classes like art and wood-shop enforce a rubric. Nowadays, school is becoming a center for stress and uniform thought.

That’s a major flaw in our “prized education system.” I love learning. I love the idea of understanding a concept and applying that knowledge to my life. But sometimes school destroys that fondness; sometimes the strict rubrics and unsympathetic teachers hinder intellectual growth by defining creativity.

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